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The Historical Society of Prattsburgh

Recent Years

In 1946 a telephone company headed by Herman Wagner purchased the Telephone Company in Prattsburgh along with many small companies.

In 1948-1949 the telephones were changed from a party line to dial.

In 1954 a new bank was built and relocated to the corner of Chapel and Naples Street. Sandra MacDougal is the manager today.

In 1955 an auction of the contents of the Park Hotel were sold and the building was torn down along with Park Arnold’s gas station next door.

In 1959 the Kanona and Prattsburgh railroad made its last run after 70 years.

In 1960 the Telephone Company changed its name to Empire Telephone Company.

On June 10th, 1961 an auction was held to sell the railroad station. The decline of the railroad usage was blamed on large trucks taking over freight hauling.

In 1972, the village of Prattsburgh was dissolved.

The Pattsburgh Baptist school was established in 1978, under the direction of Rev. Wayne Keesley.

In 1991 Elizabeth Young built a new split-level home at 73 North Main Street.

In 1993 the milk plant was closed and it still stands closed today.

In 1994 two more new homes were built in town. Shirley and Barbara Shaver built a house at 15 Porter Street. George and Lenora Applebee built a house at 10815 Fairgrounds Road.

In 1994, Charles Meosch had the house at 57 S. Main St. torn down.

In 1999 the Methodist Church held a celebration for there 180th anniversary. All the living previous ministers were invited. A dish to pass meal was held and all previous ministers spoke at the celebration.

In 2002, Brenda Daggett had the house on 25-27 Mechanic Street torn down.

In Sept. 2005, Prattsburgh Protectives built a new firehouse on Allis St.

In 2006, the Prattsburgh Protectives did a controlled burn at 18 Naples Rd. This property was purchased by the school for additional
parking space abd storage facilities.
In 2006 the town offices and Historical Society moved into the new building at 19 North Main Street.

In 2006 the Empire Telephone Cord. renovated the former Peck’s Hardware location into office space.

In 2007 Greg and Sandy Squires had the house at 17 Mechanic Street torn down.

In 2007 the town had the house at 27 Chapel Street torn down. In the same year Tom Harness tore
down the house at 5 Naples Hill St.

In 2008 the old town hall on Chapel Street was sold to the Prattsburgh Marketplace to be torn down and the property was made into an addition to the parking lot.

As 2009 dawned, the town was still planning wind farms. As the year went on, so did the discussions, and now at the end of the year we are still at an impasse.

Dec. 2009 A large fire in a storage facility on county Route 74, destroyed a variety of over 70 boats, from motorboats to pontoon boats.The cause is under investigation.

The Prattsburgh Marketplace is having an addition built, which will house their office and it will have an electric door!
The new electric doors were installed in January 2010.

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