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The Historical Society of Prattsburgh

Civil War Years

During the civil war, the town was still getting established. As the war continued many took up the cause and in the end, 98 citizens of Prattsburgh became a veteran of the civil war.

In 1848, the village of Prattsburgh was incorporated.

In 1852 H.A. Hopkins built the first of three town clocks.

In 1852The Park Hotel was built. This was torn down in 1955. The Arrowmart now stands ont he hotel’s site.

In 1868 after being located in several locations, the Methodist Church built its present building on Porter Street.

In 1872 originally the railroad was to run from Canandaigua to Bath through Prattsburgh. This didn’t materialize. Then in 1881 a railroad was proposed to run from Bath to Stanley but this would be in competition with Lake Keuka and Hammondsport Railroad which was already transporting most of the freight and passengers. After many, many meetings on October 8, 1889 “Huldy” made the first complete trip over the lines drawing two coaches filled with passengers at the cost of 50 cents per person, round trip. It made this trip in 28 minutes from Kanona to Prattsburgh.

In 1876 a potato bug called a Colorado Beetle was discovered. These beetles dessimated the potato crop. They had to be knocked off the vine with sticks, into a pan and burned with kerosene oil.

In 1877 the first of three bandstands were built in the Town Park.

In 1879 A.K. Smith started the first bank in Prattsburgh.

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